My name is Stephen Ross.

I’m a writer, sometimes a musician, and sometimes a film maker.

My short stories and novelettes have appeared in the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, the Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, several Mystery Writers of America anthologies, and many other magazines, anthologies, and publications. I’ve been nominated for an Edgar Award, a Derringer Award, a Thriller Award, and I was a 2010 Ellery Queen Readers Award finalist. In 2018, I won the Rose Trophy for Best Short Story.

I’m represented by the High Spot Literary agency.

Music is my hobby. I started playing the piano when I was nine and the electric guitar when I was seventeen. I’ve been in a bunch of bands (trust me, you wouldn’t have heard of any of them). I’ve written tunes for bands, scores for theater productions and rock musicals, short movies (including my own short story trailers), and a TV documentary. The logic and language of music has been a huge influence on my fiction writing.

I’ve made a handful of short films (writing & directing, etc.) and have a handful of credits for writing jokes for television. Movies are where I began as a storyteller. I started making short movies when I was ten (using my dad’s Super 8 millimeter camera), and I started writing scripts when I was fourteen. My first dialog script was a 25-minute mystery thriller.

Making a movie on a beach at 6 a.m.